The Romance Genre
Looking at the bestseller lists, it is clear that romance novels are currently more successful than ever. There are growing numbers of publishers including them in their schedules, and the number of authors turning their talents to the genre is on the rise. This is no bad thing: readers of romance novels are voracious readers, constantly searching for new books, new authors and new publishers.
The LoveLetter Convention
Misses K GmbH has been organising the annual LoveLetter Convention in Berlin since 2012. The convention provides readers with a safe and intimate location to exchange thoughts about their favourite genre with authors and publishers.

The LoveLetter Academy

The first ever LoveLetter Academy will take place on 11th May 2018.

Our aim is to bring together publishing staff, published and unpublished authors, and insiders from the industry, and to provide opportunities to learn and gain inspiration from each other.

The event will be the perfect occasion for establishing close contacts, networking and embarking on joint projects, and there will be workshops, lectures and seminars packed with tips and information to help with a successful career.

We also want to facilitate better understanding of an oft-misunderstood genre – as a way to stimulate reader enthusiasm for new titles, authors and publishers.
The event will be restricted to professionals and will be limited to 100 participants.